Forum deletion (change) deadline

So …

It’s been forever since I’ve mentioned this. But the forums we’re using are no longer supported (freely) and they have their wealth of issues. So the plan is to go with something that’s more widely usde and will always be supported that actually has all the features we want and need: phpBB3.

The issue here is converting from the crappy Simple:Press forums to phpBB3. It’s a mess, honestly, and isn’t worth it considering what little there are on the forums currently. So I am hereby giving notice that by March 9th, 2013 @ 22:00 EST (that’s 2.5 weeks from now) these current forums and their contents will be DELETED to be replaced with a brand new forum.

I don’t foresee anyone having any problems or issues with this, but you never know. Thus the notice and the hopefully ample time to voice any concerns.

The only reason we went with Simple:Press to begin with was its easy integration with WordPress and the fact that it was easy to set up as an actual WordPress plug-in.  There was no sign that the owners of Simple:Press would really screw over their users like they have at that time.

If there are any concerns, you may voice them here by commenting, in the current forums or even in chat.






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  1. This will have to wait for when I can find the time to fit into my schedule. Hopefully in the next few days.

  2. Nearly everything’s done. Just some formatting issues to sort through, so don’t be surprised if the forums look fine one minute and look very broken the next. Or vice versa.

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