Updating Site and forums

Things may be offline for the next day or so while I get things up to date.

[Edit is below]

The website is up-to-date. The forums, however, are rather out-of-date. I have been using a plugin called WP-United that has successfully integrated the WordPress accounts and the phpBB3 accounts for the forums. This means if you log into the forums, you’re also logged into the site and vice versa. The same goes for registering an account. With WP-United, if you’re registered in WordPress, you’re automatically registered on the forums.

The issue is that the forums are on phpBB 3.0.14 and the latest version of phpBB is 3.1.5. The forums are so out of date, we can’t even use BB code. It’s just no longer supported. In order to update to the latest version of phpBB (3.1.5), we’ll have to say goodbye to WP-United and the user integration it offers us as WP-United does not work with phpBB 3.1.

Other plugins that can replace WP-United either are very poorly supported and may not work or require payment for up to $40 a year. Seeing as Meridia Island is not very active, I cannot justify this especially with the regular domain and hosting costs that I am already paying.


Here are the options we have:

  • Lose user integration to have full phpBB forum support OR
  • Lose full phpBB forum support to have user integration.


I will be making a decision soon after some input from the community.


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  1. Ditch the user integration. The site is dead for the most part, and if people want to do stuff they can hit the forums. No real reason to strain profiles across two dead things and end with a gimp forum which we’re used to running on.

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