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We’re still alive! Our chatroom is less dead and has moved from IRC (which is very dead) to Discord.

Join us on Discord below:

Happy Birthday, Scarth!

Over the years, Scarth has been a great asset to our RPG community not to mention just a fun member to converse and play games with. He’s one year older today, so I just wanted to give a shout out hoping he’s not only enjoying his birthday but to wish him a great upcoming year. So, Happy …

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Help Thorpants brainstorm for a new Gundam RPG!

So I’ve been busy archiving more websites that still need to be archived. While that is underway Thorpants wants to open a new Gundam RPG and would like help in seeing it to fruition. He’s opened up a Google Drive folder to help in brainstorming for it and would like it running in the next …

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Forums have been updated

Alrighty! The forums have been upgraded to the latest phpBB version and we have lost user integration with WordPress. However, BBCode finally works again. This is what most people, including myself, agreed was best.

Updating Site and forums

Things may be offline for the next day or so while I get things up to date. [Edit is below] The website is up-to-date. The forums, however, are rather out-of-date. I have been using a plugin called WP-United that has successfully integrated the WordPress accounts and the phpBB3 accounts for the forums. This means if you …

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Vacuous update

It’s been months since a first page post. We haven’t had anything happening so there have been no announcements to make. There are no RPGs running although there is talk from a few people about possibly starting a few RPGs. There isn’t much hope of anything running really soon due to essentially everyone being busy …

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NEW RPG! Era of Chaos Archive

We’ve hit a long draught as of late, but there’s a new RPG currently open and running. It’s another iteration of Era of Chaos. Please sign up and check it out here. Enjoy 🙂  

Happy Holidays! See you in the New Year!

Have a Merry Christmas A Happy Kwanzaa A Wonderful Winter Solstice And an Amazing Athiest Children Get Presents Day! 

Era of Chaos : Shin Super Mekton Taisen – Compact!

A new RPG is coming to fruition. It’ll be another installment of Era of Chaos: Mekton but with power armours! This will again be a forum-based RPG. The RPG isn’t quite running yet, but registrations can be made in the forums, and do note that the way the game is run has changed. For those …

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New forums are up! They’re phpBB3 which is well supported and will remain free without me ever needing to fork over $100 like when our previous forums came out with a new version. Unfortunately, as there was nothing even close to a half-adequate Simple:Press to phpBB(3)  converter, the old forums were nuked. What this means …

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