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Get Together for Ket

Saturday, April 25th. 2pm Pacific (though really at any point, people will be loitering). Reunion/Get together party in IRC. Credit goes to Ketara & Cid on this. Chat = Room = #RPG Can use the chat client here on Meridia too. See you all there.

I liiive. Also Minecraft.

[youtube][/youtube] Anywho. Now that my insides appear to be more-or-less working again. Boss-lady and Scarth and allegedly at least one other have discussed possibility of making a dedicated Server/Realm in Minecraft for #RPG. Minecraft Realms service seems simple and cheap, but has an unfortunate limitation of: 1) No mods. 2) 20 max members, 10 max …

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RE 2.0… 2.0

Yeah, Zepp is making RE sequel, supposedly with approval. Go post here. OR ELSE!

Thracs Joining Open.

Um. Yeah. Joining’s open. We need 3 COs, one for each faction, to help formulate faction-history (I want everything to have player-input). Click Here Son. Another thing I’m wondering, what with the general lack of interest, is would this crowd prefer the RPG to remain original-fantasy, or mecha-fantasy? Let me know in a comment below …

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Thracs 3.0 : Ragnarok RPG

Well, we’ve been too long without a RPG. So, I figure someone has to do something about that. Thracs 3.0, the semi-sequel to Thracs (1.0) and Eco (2.0), is in the final phases. Go take a look, comment on the mechanics, and offer any ideas for fluff you may have. So, yeah. Back to …

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ScarthPG = GreatSuccess

Alright fools. Here’s the plan. Thracs died because noone was playing it. Tons of people joined but noone ever sent in actions (4 people aside). So, we’re going to make another RPG, one you’ll actually play. What I need is a setting/scenario for the game. I’ll convert it to a fun PBEM RPG concept from …

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What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a Kuri? Is it a Kuri? That’s right. Sunday at 1PM = the debut of KuriRPG, also known as Tales of Darkness. Make sure to enter #RPG chat at that time to see how the game is played. RPG = Be there… or else!

Thracs site moved, re-open Monday

Ahoy all. I have no idea what I’m doing. Thracs has been moved to: Site should run smoother for both me and you now. Many thanks to boss lady Anastasia for making the new subdomain/site/thingy. Hopefully I do not somehow manage to burn it to the ground. Umm… Added another upcoming RPG to the …

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