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Our IRC channel, hosted by none other than Ming The Merciless, has honestly been what’s kept our community together over the years. It’s helped greatly in ensuring there’s a member base and plenty of enthusiastic help for all the RPGs we’ve had. You can get to the chat by either installing an IRC client on your computer or foregoing any installation by connecting through the mibbit web browser client below.

IRC Server:
Channel: #RPG

Common IRC clients include: mIRC, ChatZilla and KVIrc.

IRC Channel Rules

These are rules of common decency and common sense, that although being common decency and common sense, are very often not followed. So think of this as a reminder and as a guideline for what actions will and will not be tolerated and encouraged. After much deliberation within the community we’d like to remind everyone that chat room usage is a privilege and that we’d like to stress the following:

  1. Senseless spamming is a kickable offense, but won’t be punishable by bans except in extreme cases.
  2. Constructive criticisms of RPGs is encouraged by staff. Destructive whining, complaining and trolling is not. Staff of the RPG in question will decide when criticism has become unhealthy.<
  3. Discussion and arguments between staff and writers should be kept in private and away from the normal members.
  4. Free speech is very much your right, but repetitive harassment will not be tolerated. (Victims are encouraged to seek out the help of a moderator).
  5. No moderator abuse. Moderators are subject to the same code of conduct as everyone else. Misuse of mod powers will be subject to probation or complete loss of moderator status.
  6. Moderators are encouraged to give one warning before banning. Ban duration is left up to the moderator’s discretion.