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Gaming resources

  • : A dice roller from dungeons and dragons, if someone ever asks you to roll a 1d4 or any other such jargon, they’re likely telling you to roll one of these.
  • :a much more varied random number generator that claims to be better than the rest, producing a much less systematized result.
  • : The official VASSAL Engine website containing downloads of the software and the various modules for it.


Mecha databases

  • : A lot of our RPGs are Gundam RPGs. And because of this we’ve found sites as the Mecha and Anime HQ to be indispensible.
  • While not as expansive as MAHQ, GearsOnline does have alot of reliable information and a good amount of lineart. If you can’t find it on MAHQ this is a good second try.
  • While no longer updated, Gundam Official remains one of the best databases for previous Gundam series.
  • Great resource for Metroid games, lots of hard to find manga scans of Metroid even if most of the manga is sub-par at best. They have a very heavy handed positive bias towards the recently released “Other-M” which does hurt their credibility as writers and reviewers.


Fantasy databases

  • : Technically a blog about fire emblem, it has a decent amount of art from  the games which primarily consists of works by Kita Senri however there are a few games that have art from Shirow Masamune of Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed fame.
  • : Again a fire emblem site but it’s focus is on base stats and other game elements.
  • : Another fire emblem site with a good amount of data from the franchise.
  • : a large resource for more traditional art, it provides some search abilities but it’s generally hard to find anything specific here. Recommended if you have the time to look through many unrelated pieces.
  • : Similar to the above link it has lots of traditional art but is poorly organized for discriminatory searching.




Image databases

While much of the other source material here has images attached to it, these sites focus on gathering the splender that artist decide to post on the internet for the viewing of all.

  • : If your looking for a character with specific visual characteristics, this is a great tool, you can set the search by a number of parameters and find the character you’re looking for. A large collection of these characters are from dating sim or popular franchises so this isn’t the place for those that want a character image that won’t be recognized.
  • :A large collection of all sorts of anime inspired art fan made and official. The images contained are usually of ver high quality in both the artists skill and the image resolution, through clever use of tags you should be able to find an image that suits your character idea, whatever that may be. Be warned ,however, that while safebooru may be more “worksafe” than similar sites that share the same suffix, there is objectionable material here and should not be viewed by those in sensitive company or at work.
  • : A great collection gathered from artbooks of various videogames, it’s a great place to look for official artwork.
  • The Hongfire Anime Network is a great source for images among other things such as torrents, games, news, music, and other forms of media


Fan run, wikias present a wealth of information; while not always accurate they are policed by the fan base and any inaccuracies are generally corrected as soon as they are identified.


Name Resources

  • One of the best resources for first names from all languages and cultures in a romanized format. On top of normal names it has mythological names and for each name, it breaks down it’s etymology.
  • If you just want to see what a name means in another language or simply think it sounds better, this is a good resource, it translates a vast number of languages.
  • A great place to go if you don’t want to draw your name from history or some other source, the names generated are unique if silly at times.
  • A random name generator that’s good for more orthodox names, simply constructed but can generate up to thirty forename and surname combinations at once.

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