Song of storms: Prototype

Well as some of you may know, I have been working on a rpg. Song of storms is still in progress but, in the meantime I give you Song of storms: Prototype.

The setting is a post world war 3 world with few surviving governments. Players take control of one of three types of armor: Nano, Hard, and Exo. Those who play Nano Suits will be protected by an armor analogous to deadspace’s RIG or Megaman ZX’s Biometal. Hard suits will be similar power armors from fallout or Halo. Exo suits are similar scopedogs or knightmare frames.


Much of the world is bombed out and ravaged but, aside from a few areas, free of nuclear radiation or other environmental damage. Players will explore the world, build armors through research, fund armies and perhaps rebuild the the old world.


The game will open shortly after I return from overseas in early June. In the meantime, gather your teams, survey the rules and setting and find aspects of the game that are unclear on.


New forums are up!

They’re phpBB3 which is well supported and will remain free without me ever needing to fork over $100 like when our previous forums came out with a new version. Unfortunately, as there was nothing even close to a half-adequate Simple:Press to phpBB(3)  converter, the old forums were nuked. What this means for you is that none of your posts were transferred over and your post counts are back to zero. I have, however, made sure to archive the old forums for reference.

The site is using a service that integrates phpBB3 with WordPress. So this means none of you have to re-create an account if you’ve already done so before. You’ll have the same user name, password and Gravatar. The forum accounts are joined with your WordPress accounts. So it’s one simple login: If you’re logged into one, you’re logged into the other. You can also choose from 6 different board styles.

I also cleaned up the Image Library a bit, and sped up the website just a tad.

I was looking into mobile solutions (for anyone who accesses the site through a phone) but I realized how stupid that was. Most people have smartphones and the site navigates just fine with them. Plus, they all just ugly-fied everything anyways.

Era of Chaos: Mekton is still running. Two other RPGs are in the works. One is a new Thracs. Name may be the same as the previous renditions, but it’s a very different game. The second game shall be a surprise. Stay tuned!

Later on: Okay, in light of the forums, which are most ideal for discussions, all commenting has been disabled throughout the site with the exception of the home page. If any discussions need to be had, you have the forums.

Forum deletion (change) deadline

So …

It’s been forever since I’ve mentioned this. But the forums we’re using are no longer supported (freely) and they have their wealth of issues. So the plan is to go with something that’s more widely usde and will always be supported that actually has all the features we want and need: phpBB3.

The issue here is converting from the crappy Simple:Press forums to phpBB3. It’s a mess, honestly, and isn’t worth it considering what little there are on the forums currently. So I am hereby giving notice that by March 9th, 2013 @ 22:00 EST (that’s 2.5 weeks from now) these current forums and their contents will be DELETED to be replaced with a brand new forum.

I don’t foresee anyone having any problems or issues with this, but you never know. Thus the notice and the hopefully ample time to voice any concerns.

The only reason we went with Simple:Press to begin with was its easy integration with WordPress and the fact that it was easy to set up as an actual WordPress plug-in.  There was no sign that the owners of Simple:Press would really screw over their users like they have at that time.

If there are any concerns, you may voice them here by commenting, in the current forums or even in chat.





Mobile Suit Gundam Online (this is not Universal Century Gundam Online)

Well, there hasn’t been much news or any new developments around these here parts, but there is a new Gundam online game that all you rabid and non-rabid fans could try out.

It goes by Mobile Suit Gundam Online

MSGO is a large scale multiplayer third-person shooter set in the universe of Mobile Suit Gundam Specifically, it’s set during the One Year War, but I think there will be expansion of the mobile suit lineup so we have a better selection of mechs to pilot. At the moment, gameplay is a 50v50 battle of Earth Federation Special Forces vs. the Principality of Zeon with match outcome being determined by combination of capture-and-hold objectives combined with base destruction. It’s in the same vein as Mechwarrior online and Hawken, but with a different setting and an interesting commander role similar to the alien commander in Natural Selection.


The open beta launched just in December (2012) and there are plenty of mobile suits you can play as including  MSV’s. Head on over to wiki and get yourself acquainted so you can start shooting down some Feddies or Zeeks (or whatever floats your boat).


Era of Chaos: Mekton is still going strong with its latest “patch” going online just last week to add new factions, re-create fleets, approve new mobile suits for use, applying the new Mek Repair System, Full Boost System, redesigning the Luck System and all manner of improvements just in time for the American Union civil war. So make sure to familiarize yourself with the Era of Chaos: Mekton Epicness if you haven’t already.


Oh, and all you Ghost in the Shell fans…


That, my friends, is the trailer for Ghost in the Shell: Arise. It’s a new four-part 50 minute series slated for release in June.


Over and out.





And so It begins

right, I haven’t been around much lately but, y’all aren’t forgotten. Wishing all of us not lucky enough to be graduated or in other employment good results on the coming examination.

EOC: Mekton

Just a heads up; Hotaru’s forum-based rpg now has a website thanks to Zero. It is the same website Zero used for the original EOC:

Gundam RPGs Update

Zero has informed me that Hotaru has taken the basis of EOC and manipulated to a Mekton Zeta setting. The RPG is forum-based allowing for a focus on RPing. The link can be found here.

Berrik also made a post on his forums presenting some concepts for another Future Imperfect. Make sure to leave your feedback.

I’ve also made a post on the RPG Workshop forum having to do with some MS Customization ideas I’ve been having. I’m not trying to raise your hopes for a sequel to RE, but just wanted feedback on this system for if I ever actually run a RPG again. Please leave feedback.

If you haven’t already, read pinksoyuz’s post on a possible Tactical Gundam RPG he may run.

Update by SakuraFanelia (Sep.27)

The Janadian (aka AModestProposal) and Scarth (aka Scarth) are also working on a Zombie Apocalypse Survival RPG.


Tactical Gundam RPG

Hey guys, I’m thinking about making and running a really short and small Gundam RPG. There’s an informal vote going on in the forums, as well as additional information!



*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*


What’s this, heroics and evil planning?

That’s right a superhero RPG might actually be in the works, it’s based heavily on a tabletop game called “savage worlds” which Flession is adapting for PBEM use.

Keep up with it and make a character with the generator on this thread.