Alright. It’s the end of (my) weekend (with Victoria Day) so I’m still on schedule (total excuse) …

I have put nearly all of the RPG archives we have up, put up an okay banner (seriously, if you can and are willing to make a better one, please do) and made a few tweaks here and there to the layout.

Note that there is a “Log in” and “Register” link for non-Meridia Island Officers who want to make an account and possibly post some comments. It’s located at the lower left of the page for convenience sake.

I have also put up a Discussions section although I don’t know how much use we’ll be making of it.

Some more refinement could be undertaken and some more content put up, but what we have now shall be a good start to actually get rolling.

Site’s purpose: To serve as a community website for our PBEM RPG community that is actually run, maintained and full of contributions by the actual community.

Last, but not least Thracs RPG, run by Scarth, is up and running!  Direct yourselves here, send in an app and have a blast! I know I already am.

Carry On

Alrighty, the testing is over. Meridia Island staff can do whatever they want again.


Message to Meridia Island staff

I’m finally fiddling with some stuff now, so if you’re here, please don’t make any changes and ESPECIALLY DON’T UPLOAD any files unless it’s simply to leave a comment. I’ll let you all know when you can do stuff again. Please and thank you.


Hello world!

Hello world indeed!

Anastasia here. I’ve got the meat of the site up. I just need to put up the RPG archives, figure out how to upload HTML files (WordPress is so lulz considering this isn’t very intuitive) for IRC Stats, change the banner to something less generic (and possibly the background) add some actual stuff to the Image Library and a few other tweaks here and there. This site is meant to act as much of a headquarters for the community as possible. I am intentionally using WordPress for this very reason instead of building from scratch with just XHTML and CSS. This way we can make sure multiple active people within the community can update the site and honestly use the site as they wish without requiring any HTML knowledge.

Anastasia over and out.