A database of RPGs past, present, and future listed by the community. The idea of this compilation comes from Ketara and many RPGs listed here are a result of his work.

Future RPGs

This page is dedicated to RPGs that are still in the works, whether they are ready to take in joining applications or not. Future Imperfect: Rising Storm¬†http://www.planetgundam.com/ This is an RPG run by Troika (Berrik) with the help of Vlad. It’s a reboot of Future Imperfect: New Era. For those unaware it is an all …

Present RPGs

What you’ll see below are RPGs that have had at least one update day and are currently running (whether paused or not).

Past (archived) RPGs

This massive list of RPGs of the past is dedicated to games that we’ve been able to at least date if not archive in some form. Please see this forum topic for an impressive list of what Marcus has been able to salvage from past RPGs. These are are an assortment of¬†update notes, battles, RP …

Lost (unarchived) RPGs

The following RPGs are lost to through the passage of time with nothing but the names and fond memories remaining. Aku’s Star Trek RPG AML’s Gundam RPG Dark Horse RPG DBZ RPG DBZ/Gundam RPG Final Story Gundam Academy Gundam Dimensional Rip Gundam Haven Gundam RPG Gundam Trilogies Gundam Wing 2000 Karl’s DBZ RPG MSG Extreme …