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Past (archived) RPGs

This massive list of RPGs of the past is dedicated to games that we’ve been able to at least date if not archive in some form.

Please see this forum topic for an impressive list of what Marcus has been able to salvage from past RPGs. These are are an assortment of update notes, battles, RP posts from forums long gone etc.

2013-2013: Song of Storms: Prototype (live site)
2012-2013: Era of Chaos 2.0
2011-2011: The Colony
2011-2011: Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Stardust (archived forums)(live site)
2011-2011: Village of Eco (live site)
2011-2011: Tales of the Dark One (live site)
2011-2011: Thracs RPG (old site) (live site)
2011-2011: Era of Chaos
2011-2011: MSG: Echoes of the Year  (live site)
2011-2011: Nimrodel: Legend of Ourissa (live site)
2010-2011: MSG Wars 4.0
2010-2011: Future Imperfect: New Era  (live site)
2010-2010: Mobile Power Armor: Shift (archived forums) (live forums)
2010-2010: Requiem Echo (archived forums)(live forums) – Note: To navigate within the RE website archive, you need to use ONLY the top horizontal menu.
2009-2010: One Year War Mk V (live site)
2009-2010: Future Imperfect
2008-2009: One Year War Mk IV
2008-2008: MSG Chaos Theory 2
2008-2008: MSG Century Color
2008-2008: After Colony RPG
2008-2008: Nimrodel: Legend of Ourissa
2007-2007: Eternity
2007-2007: MSG Chaos Theory 1
2006-2007: MSG Wars 3.5
2006-2006: Naruto 2
2006-2006: Advent Song
2006-2006: MSG: Forbidden Era
2006-2006: Force Arcana 2
2005-2006: MSG SEED Factor (collection of past events only)
2005-2005: Naruto 1
2005-2005: Ultimate X-Men
2005-2005: Force Arcana 1
2005-2005: Illcara
2005-2005: Deadguydrew (live site)
2004-2005: One Year War Mk III
2004-2005: MSG Wars 3.0
2004-2004: MSG: War of the Corporations
2004-2004: Toudou Gakuen
2004-2004: Gundam Prodigy 2
2004-2004: MSG New Century – first site (Wayback Machine Internet Archive) – second site (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2003-2004: MSG Neo Genesis – first site (Wayback Machine Internet Archive) – second site (Wayback Machine Internet Archive) – third site (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2003-2004: Orient
2003-2004: MSG Wars 2.0
2003-2003: Marcus’s World of Darkness
2003-2003: Final Fantasy VIII Kurayami Genchi (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2003-2003: Gundam Prodigy 1
2003-2003: Sentinels of the Pentium 2
2003-2003: Matrix Reloaded
2003-2003: Aku’s Star Wars RPG
2003-2003: Resident Evil
2003-2003: One Year War Mk II
2002-2003: Oblivion
2002-2003: Gundam Planet Wars
2002-2003: OYW Mk 1
2002-2003: Unimatrix Gundam 2
2002-2003: Illcara (first run)
2002-2003: MSG Live Fire
2002-2003: Gundam Cataclysm
2002-2002: MSG: Living Legends
2002-2002: Gundanium Suits
2002-2002: Gundam Universal Wars
2002-2002: Dyrik’s World of Darkness
2002-2002: Legend of Dragoon 2
2002-2002: African Front
2001-2002: Saiyin Destruction
2001-2002: Gundam Mutant Pilots
2001-2002: Alkazar’s New Mobile Report Gundam Wing RPG
2001-2002: Maximum Gundam RPG (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2002: Turn A (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2002: Trunk’s Dragonball Z RPG
2001-2001: Gunsoul
2001-2001: MSG Side 3 RPG
2001-2001: Beyond GT (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: Evangelion RPG
2001-2001: Legend of Dragoon 1
2001-2001: Gundam RPG Online (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: Nimrodel
2001-2001: The Hybrid Gundam RPG
2001-2001: Final Saiyi-Jin RPG (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: Omega Gundam RPG (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: Aku’s Pokemon RPG
2001-2001: Medieval Dragon
2001-2001: Gundam Beyond ( Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: After Era (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: Starufury’s Gundam Wing RPG (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2001-2001: Extreme Fighting RPG
2001-2001: Unimatrix Gundam 1
2000-2003: MSG Wars 1.0
2000-2001: Psychics Anonymous (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2000-2001: Gundam: Endless Battle (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2000-2001: Gundam Rage (Wayback Machine Internet Archive)
2000-2000: Final Fantasy Extreme
200?-200?: Mobile Suit Gundam 2015: The Resurrection RPG
2000-2000: Gundam Elites RPG
2000-2000: All Robot’s RPG
2000-2000: Gohan’s All Anime RPG
2000-2000: Sentinels of the Pentium 1
2000-2000: James’ All Anime
2000-2000: All Gundamfirst sitesecond site


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    • Marcus on June 17, 2011 at 01:32

    Could be these are omitted for a reason, but I have a handful of links to Wayback archives not shown in the above list. Most are without content; little more than home pages. Still, they’re a part of history in our loving little niche.

    FF Kurayami
    Dyrik’s World of Darkness
    Psychics Anonymous
    Evangelion RPG
    Gundam Universal Wars
    Gundam: Endless Battle
    Gundam RPG Online
    Omega Gundam RPG
    MSG Live Fire
    Gundam Rage RPG
    Final Saiyia-Jin RPG
    Starfury’s Gundam Wing RPG – This one’s weird to look at, cause I’m pretty sure it’s a relaunch of the first RPG I ever helped work on.
    Gundam Planet Wars
    Gundam Maximum RPG
    Gundam Elites RPG

    If I may, I also have a couple notes:
    – Despite being convenient to type as one, After Era was always two words.
    – Vash’s All Anime was known as Gohan’s All Anime RPG. It also had a sequel, which (I think) was Gohan’s All Anime RPG 2.
    – My World of Darkness RPG was actually in ’03, not ’04.
    – All Robots RPG was around back in November of 2000. It was within the first two or three RPGs I joined, after All Gundam. Back in the day, it had a pretty good following.
    – If you’re really grasping at straws for the unarchived page, Aku also ran a Star Wars RPG in ’03.

      • Ketara on June 17, 2011 at 20:50

      The reason Evangelion RPG isn’t on there is because the site contains some personal info and otherwise depression medicine induced emo rantings from myself that were posted years after it closed, have nothing to do with the game, and that I’d rather not let people have access to.

      I’d intended to remake the site without all that added garbage, but just never did it.

    • Marcus on June 18, 2011 at 00:07

    A fixed link for Psychics Anonymous.

    1. FF Kurayami was listed under 2005. I’m gonna assume this is an error as the site says 2003. I have made the change. If I am wrong, please correct me.

      Everything else is up, Marcus. Except for the Evangelion RPG link. Note, your contributions allowed us to take Gundam Universal Wars, MSG Live Fire and Gundam Planet Wars off the Lost RPGs page 🙂 .

      Next thing I need to work on is making sure all the archives are actually listed on Meridia instead of or wherever.

        • Ketara on June 26, 2011 at 10:32

        Legend of Ourissa should probably not be on there since it only had one update.

        Depends on how many updates a game has to have before it counts as being archiveable, I guess.

    • Marcus on July 1, 2011 at 20:03

    Went looking for a site in the Wayback Machine, and then lost two hours. Again, these run the gamut from fairly prominent games that are well reserved, to one-page archives I’m listing for the sake of history. Include at your discretion.

    Gundam Wars 1.0 – The original MSG Wars site.
    Gundam Cataclysm RPG
    Gundam Mutant Pilots RPG
    Gundam Pilot RPG
    – Run by Mercurius Shuivan from After Era. Glenn Strife also helped.
    Gundanium Suits RPG
    Blackened Sunset RPG – I feel bad, but does anyone know who Eric was?
    Return of the Past RPG
    Gundam Apocalypse RPG
    Saiyin Realm RPG
    Dragonball Z The Dungeon RPG
    Death of the Hero – Well preserved site; just have to highlight the white area in the middle to see the text.
    Gundam Wing RPG
    Chrono Centuries
    Gundam R RPG – No clue about this one. Just the front page is archived.
    Gundam Side 3 RPG – Only the home page. I want to say I remember this one, but not sure.
    Gundam Unamatrix RPG – Seems like a Gundam Wars spin-off, based on the “Art of War” section. Last update reads 5/26/2001. The site is remarkably well preserved, for the time. A lot of the pages are intact, including Roster/Battles/Events.
    Gundam Hybrid RPG
    Trunks DBZ RPG
    Extreme Fighting RPG
    Final Fantasy Extreme – The precursor to Extreme Fighting RPG. This site is basically non-existent.
    Phoenix Reincarnation/AnythingGoes Reincarnation – Combination of two RPGs in one site. I am leaning towards the thought that this “AnythingGoes Robot RPG” was the “All Robots RPG” I mentioned in my previous post. The site’s neat for me, just cause it lists the (sadly, non-archived) link to After Era’s Geocities site. The one we migrated to for a week or two, when Homestead shut down.
    AnythingGoes Robot RPG – Damn. I don’t think this is the site. The timeframe is right. Updates from around November 2000 (when I first joined AG). Layout isn’t familiar, though.
    Medieval Dragon RPG – Chesley

    Found a bunch of links to old Homestead sites, but they all redirected to holder pages. Shame, cause I’m pretty sure Gohan’s All Anime was one of those links.

    A link to James’s All Anime (I want to say it went by Ryuuinjin’s All Anime (hence the url), but don’t remember for sure). The Wayback Machine says the site is archived, but the server’s down. Fingers crossed, there was actually something saved.

    Finally, kind of random, but does anyone remember who went by FugaDraconis back in the day?

    1. My surprise at your finding Gundam Unamatrix RPG cannot be described in words. That was my RPG from long ago but it seems someone took it up after I left. Even changed the story and general setup of the game.

    2. It might take me a while to get through all this. I am having major computer problems right now. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon.

    • Nomad on July 19, 2011 at 17:33

    If you guys want to check it out, there’s a new geocities website that has a huge archive of old sites. If they don’t have the site uploaded already, it may be in their offline archives. In that case you would have to post on the forums and request them to recover the sites. Here is the link:

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